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Binance Clone Script - To Start Crypto Exchange like Binance

Maticz Technologies is the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company that revolutionized the world of Cryptos by creating the world's best high-tier architectural crypto exchange software with unlimited scalability without loss of transaction processing speed.

#Maticz provides an advanced Binance Clone Script to kick-start a famous cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance. We offer tailor-made Binance Exchange Clone that supports both Desktop and Mobile.

Binance Clone Script 

100% Replica of Binance 

Binance Clone Script is a multi-tested & readymade Crypto Exchange Software built with advanced architectural design & highest liquidity that performs & looks cent percent similar to Binance. Our Binance Clone package comes with both Crypto Exchange App & Crypto Exchange Website Script with advanced trade plugins & functionalities.

Maticz's Binance Clone Script is completely a White-Label Solutions: You can customize our Binance clone platform as per your business requirements. Book a live demo & check how our Binance Clone Script works:

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We also develop a feature-packed Binance Exchange Clone Platform from scratch, Building an exchange platform with advanced architecture, highest liquidity, and high-grade security implementations.

Binance - Overview

Binance is the most popular & largest cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Binance exchange has millions of active buyers and sellers and it holds the world's largest trade volume in bitcoins and other altcoins exchange.

Mr. Changpeng Zhao & Mr. Yi He are the founders of Binance. Binance was initially based in China but later due to Chinese increasing cryptocurrency regulations was moved to Malta. 

Binance Clone

Binance Clone is a Crypto Exchange business solution designed in such a way that it holds all the key features of the Binance exchange. As per the client's requirements, additional features can be added and customized in our Binance Clone.

Maticz's Binance Clone is built-in JAVA (programming language) with a powerful architectural design to withstand ransomware attacks & hacks.

Premium Features of Our Binance Clone Script

<< Crypto Exchange Platform capable of 50,000 transactions per second. 

<< Multi-layer architecture to protect the exchange from ransomware attacks & hacks.

<< A powerful & high-speedy algorithm-based matching engine.

<< Advanced Trading engine that supports the dynamic paring of crypto assets.

<< Light-weight exchange platform with enhanced security & scalability.

<< Multi-Sig Crypto Wallet (Multi-Layer Security) to Store Crypto assets.

<< Highest Liquiditation with Liquidity API integration in exchange platform.

<< Crypto Exchange platform that supports multiple payment gateway integrations.

<< White-label Crypto Exchange: All trading functionalities are customizable.

Supported Trade Add-Ons on Binance Clone

<< Margin Trading portal to increase the profit with leverage.

<< Over-the-counter (OTC) Trading to facilitate fast settlements in larger trades.

<< Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Exchange with Crypto Ads to facilitate instant buy & Sell Cryptos.

<< Spot Trading for instant settlement for buyer & sellers

<< Derivative/Future Trading based on Smart Contracts: For futures, swaps & options trading.

<< Basic Trade platform for beginners to easily buy/sell cryptos.

<< Advanced Exchange Platform for experts with full access to trade tools.

DeFi Add-Ons supported on Binance Clone Script

<< Crypto Lending Platform to lend & earn.

<< Crypto Staking to earn more rewards & profit.

<< Supported staking: Locked Staking, Flexible Staking, DeFi Staking.

<< Crypto Loan platform that supports multiple crypto/fiat currencies.

<< Liquidity pools to earn rewards by swapping & staking tokens.

Binance DEX Clone Script

We also provide Binance DEX Clone Script to start a decentralized exchange website like Binance DEX that avoids the need for a central authority to process the trade. After a good analysis of recent cryptocurrency market trends, Maticz develops quality- enriched Binance DEX Clone using advanced technology stacks and cutting-edge solutions.

Our Binance DEX Clone platform is faster and secure with a custom crypto trading platform.

Features of Binance DEX Clone Script 

1. Faster Trading Performance

2. Complete Decentralized environment

3. Instant Buy & Sell of bitcoins & altcoins

4. Supports Unlimited Cryptos & Tokens

5. Multi-Signature Crypto Wallet support

6. Algorithmic Trading & Matching Engine

7. Enhanced Military Grade Security

Binance Clone App

Binance Clone App to launch the Cryptocurrency Exchange App like Binance App. At Maticz, we provide an advanced Binance Exchange Clone App to launch Crypto trading App like Binance. Our Binance Clone App is highly scalable, robust, and supports cross-platform compatibility.

Now it is the time to cover your mass crypto traders with your Crypto Exchange App.

Features of Binance Clone App

1. User & Search Engine friendly UI/UX design

2. Tailor-made for Android, Windows, iOS platforms

3. Multi-feature User & Admin Dashboard option

4. Lite & Pro Trade Interface for beginners & experts

5. In-built Multi-Signature Crypto Wallet support

6. Push notifications to update current market trends

7. Automatic Recurring Buy: To buy cryptos on a regular basis

8. Buy & Sell Cryptos instantly buy QR Scanning option

Maticz's Binance Exchange Clone - EXARC

Binance Exchange Clone is a 100% replica of Binance that comes with Binance Exchange Clone Website Script & Binance Exchange Clone App that replicates the existing features of Binance with additional trading features & plugins to launch a hassle-free Crypto exchange platform.

Maticz's Binance Exchange Clone is a multi-tested & ready-made cryptocurrency exchange platform in JAVA to kick-start the famous crypto exchange like Binance.

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EXARC - Binance Clone is a completely white-label solution, You can customize the Binance Clone based on your business requirements. Maticz's Binance Clone is built with multi-tier security & advanced architectural design to reduce server maintenance cost and by deploying our Binance Clone, You can launch Binance like a Crypto Exchange platform within a week!

Know the Technology Stacks, We use to build Binance Clone Script & also Check How our Binance Clone works -->

Technology Stacks - We use to Build Binance Clone Script

Front End Framework - React, Angular

Language - Node.js

Back End Framework - Express

Database - MongoDB, MySQL, CouchDB

Cluster - Kafka

Tools - KafkaProducer, KafkaConsumer


How does Our Binance Exchange Clone work?

1. Users can easily register in the Binance platform by visiting the Binance clone platform and clicking on the register option in the top right corner on the page and entering your email id and password. Once your registered email Id is verified by entering OTP then your account gets activated

2. Users have to enter the captcha that displayed on the screen and log in to their account. The Binance Clone platform shows a message to enable 2FA for your account. Users can follow the instructions to create 2FA immediately or click the ‘Skip for now’ button to do that later. 

3. Users have to submit documents for KYC verification. It is not mandatory, but non-verified users can only withdraw 2BTC per day.

4. Users have to deposit the cryptocurrencies in their account before starting to trade on the exchange platform. With a small number of trading fees, users can trade large amounts of cryptocurrencies.

5. The Binance exchange clone platform is designed for both beginners and professionals with basic and advanced trading modes.

Advantages of Our Binance Exchange Clone 

1. Basic, Advanced, Pro Trading Interfaces

2. Margin Trading API

3. Multi-Lingual Support

4. Integrated Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

5. Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration

6. Easy-to-use Interface

7. Support Unlimited Cryptocurrencies & Token

8. Integrated Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO)

9. Instant Buying & Selling

10. Binance DEX Integration

11. Trading Orders & Live Trade Charts

12. Faster trading

Security Features Of Our Binance Clone Software

1. Two-factor Authentication

2. SMS Verifications

3. Email Verifications

4. Anti DDoS

5. Jail Login System

6. Un-Hackable Trading Platform

7. Escrow Bound Application

8. Secure cold wallet storage

9. Content Security Policy

Special Add-ons to Integrate with Binance Clone 

1. Liquidity

2. Volume bot

3. Margin trading

4. Trading bot

5. API Resetting

6. IEO

7. Integrated ICO Launchpad

8. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API


Why Maticz’s for Binance Clone Development?

Maticz Technologies is the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company that offers A to Z services in crypto exchange development, crypto wallet development, crypto trading bot development, etc...

It is the perfect time to start a Crypto exchange business with Maticz’s featured packed Binance Clone Script. Maticz delivers a white-label solution with the integration of advanced features and trading functionalities. Here are some core features of our Binance Clone Script:

Features of Our Binance Exchange Clone Script

1. Basic, Advanced & Pro trading interfaces.

2. Earn profit with leverage (Margin Trading).

3. Over-the-counter (OTC) trading for large trades.

4. Faster P2P Crypto trading options

5. Spot trading & Derivatives (Future) trading.

6. Supports Crypto Staking & Crypto Lending.

7. Supports multiple payment gateway integrations.

8. High speedy matching & trading engine & supports 50,000 TPS.

9. High Volume Crypto Liquidity integrations.

10. Escrow system with a trusted third party or smart contract.

Premium features like Decentralized (DEX) trading, P2P trading, Crypto Loans, Crypto Pooling, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Stacking (Locked/Flexible/DeFi), IEO & Launchpads, etc...can be included in our Binance Exchange Clone.

Our Blockchain experts are having 8+ years of experience in developing various cryptocurrency exchange platforms with eye-catchy themes, templates, and multi-functional exchange features. You can buy these premium features with an affordable budget and enter into the cryptocurrency exchange business world with our full support.

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We also develop the clone platform of other famous crypto exchanges like LocalBitcoins, Paxful, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Bitmex, etc...

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FAQ - Binance Clone Script

Binance Clone Script is the ready-made Crypto Exchange Software performs similar to Binance, designed to deliver the desirable features of the Binance Exchange.

We at Maticz, develop and deliver the Binance Clone Script and Binance Clone App, on-time with optimal set of features as desired and required by the client. We also offer post product delivery assistance to our client at any instant of time.

Our Binance DEX Clone Script is designed to withstand heavy traffic brought to the interface and promote speedy transaction through a very simply designed user interface.

Our feature packed Binance Exchange Clone comes with exclusive features like Margin Trading, Derivatives, P2P Exchange, DeFi options, Liquidity, Multi-Sig Wallet, IEO, Launchpad, etc.…

We Maticz, the pioneer Cryptocurrency Exchange Solution provider have thorough knowledge of concepts relating to the Crypto sphere and develop hassle-free crypto exchange platforms to the fullest satisfaction of our clients.

Disclaimer: The term "Binance" is used to provide quick understanding to readers. Our services are not meant to brand or influence any entity.