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White Label Crypto Exchange | Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Cryptocurrencies will play the dominant role and avail with an alternative approach to conventional banking services in 2021. The Cryptocurrencies are very well transacted between frameworks making use of various Cryptocurrency Exchanges exhibiting various Exchange services.

We Maticz, the pioneer Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, design and develop the Cryptocurrency Exchanges over the White Label modes that improve user experience thereby improving the scalability of the platform developed.

If you are looking to build a Cryptocurrency Exchange to transact your assets on a White Label basis then Maticz can make a deal.

White Label Crypto Exchange

White Label Crypto Exchange is a Cryptocurrency Exchange platform designed to trade bitcoins, altcoins, tokens over a dedicated framework along with user-specified suggestions such as the user-friendly UI customizable front-end build-up to incorporate client’s own identity such as logo, name, etc.

The White Label Crypto Exchange finds the best use with Exchange operators, Brokerage services, OTC Desks, Liquidity Providers, Automated Market makers, and Security Token Offering Providers. 

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White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is a ready-made software designed to deliver the Exchange of cryptos & tokens along with multiple trade options like derivative, margin, p2p, dashboard maintenance, order creation, and current Crypto monitoring of currencies.

The White Label Crypto Exchange Software contributes to the user-friendly UI/UX designs, Matching Engine Creation, Order Management systems, Liquidity Provision Tools, Asset Management System along risk reduction. 

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

<< Multi-tier Architecture

<< Encrypted Database

<< Cross-Platform Compliance

<< Military Grade Security

<< High-end Bug-Free Source code 

<< Effective Wallet Management 

<< Automated Liquidity provisions

<< Rapid speed Trade Engine

Benefits of White Label Crypto Exchange

<< Easy to Deploy products

<< Customizable UI/UX

<< Reliable Crypto Exchange

<< No need for an Expertise Techie

<< Time Efficient Transactions

<< Cost-Efficient Crypto Exchange

<< Market analysis

<< Improved Accuracy and Efficiency

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

The White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development refers to the set of processes that counts for the build-up of a platform delivering the Exchange of Cryptos on the basis of user-suggested specifications and customizations. The process is carried out in a number of steps that include,

<< Market Analysis

<< Module Creation

<< Design Stage

<< Development Stage

<< Testing Stage

<< Deployment

<< Market Analysis

The Market analysis is the initial step in building up any Crypto Exchange Platform. The Platform to be developed will have a considerable reputation only on the basis of the market requirement satisfaction.

The Platforms to be developed should be provided with the base requirements as suggested by the ready participants of the Platform. 

<< Module Creation

On successful tracking and identifying the market requirements, the second sequential step is to create a module sheet pertaining to which the Exchange will be developed to deliver the Crypto Exchange on a White Label basis.

<< Design Stage

The first thing on the module sheet will be the Design stage which allows the developers to obtain a skeletal design of the interface of the Exchange Platform to be developed, the design will be made in such a way promoting the increased number of participants into the platform. Since the Platform is a White Label Platform the design is made entirely on the basis of user-suggested specifications.

<< Development Stage

The White Label Platform’s base architecture is developed supporting all classes of the audience right from beginner level to advanced level, the precision in the development phase will lead to the reputation of the Platform developed.

If you are thinking of building a White Label Crypto Exchange with advanced architecture along with automated server maintenance then Maticz can be your ideal solution.

<< Testing Stage

The testing Stage allows the Platform to undergo a series of tests like the User Acceptance Testing to check for its endurance against the upcoming hack attacks and intruder attacks. These voluntary tests are done to improve the user experience    

<< Deployment

The White Label Crypto Exchange is readily tested under test net and ready for deployment into the mainnet. On successful deployment on the mainnet, the platform will deliver Exchange services on a White Label basis.

Why Maticz for White Label Crypto Exchange Development?

We Maticz the pioneer Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company have widespread exposure to the Cryptosphere and develop ready-to-market Crypto products for the use of the participants seeking Crypto-related quality of service.

We at Maticz design and develop the White Label Crypto Exchange with user-suggested specs to effectively carry out the exchange of Cryptocurrencies, thus contributing to the usability of the framework as well as the scalability of the Platform developed.

If you are in dire need of a Platform to carry out Cryptocurrency exchange try building your White Label Crypto exchange with Maticz.   

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